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Arizona Republicans cry foul after university’s nursing school lecture slide on gender identity goes viral

Some Arizona Republicans are furious with the University of Arizona’s nursing school after slides from a lesson plan instructing doctoral students on ways to discuss gender identity with patients as young as three years old went viral last week.

“I’m absolutely sickened that this institution of higher learning is perpetuating the lie that a person’s gender is based off feelings and not their God-given biological sex established upon conception,” GOP state Sen. Janae Shamp said, according to a press release issued Friday.

“This is completely groomer garbage that strives to confuse our kids in an effort to cater to the evil that is being accepted by today’s society. As a nurse, I am so disheartened that the next generation of nurses are being hijacked of their capabilities to deliver ethical care,” she continued.

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Some Arizona Democrats are on the opposite end of the spectrum and support the university, according to multiple reports.

Democratic state Sen. Priya Sundareshan, for instance, told the Mirror that Republicans’ behavior surrounding the ordeal was “definitely concerning.” 

The institution’s statement asserted that “faculty members share evidence-based information, but do not recommend any specific practice guidelines related to gender-related issues,” adding that students are “taught that providers need to choose their own approach to such issues.”

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Taylor Penley is an associate editor with Fox News.


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