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Alleged seafaring bandits nabbed on San Francisco Bay after series of boat raids

A “few” maritime burglars suspected of raiding houseboats and yachts in San Francisco Bay were nabbed by the Coast Guard and turned over to Oakland police, a spokesperson for the Coast Guard told Fox News Digital.

At least one suspect was charged with possession of stolen property as investigators look to build a federal case against him, Oakland police spokesperson Paul Chambers said.

Months worth of thefts in the Oakland-Alameda Estuary are believed to be connected, with two individuals committing most of the crimes, Chambers told Fox News Digital in an email.

“There has been an increase in crime on the waterway, and it’s likely due to a few new anchor-out persons that have recently acquired a sailboat and anchored in the Oakland Estuary,” he wrote.

“Multiple vessels have been stolen and ransacked. Victims have had to resort to personally confronting the criminals to recover their property without the benefit of police support. Is this appropriate activity for a 79-year-old senior?” former harbor master Brock de Lappe said.

Another woman said she rescued a man whose sailboat drifted into the bay without a motor or any way to get back to shore after one of the “pirates,” which is what the resident called the burglars, cut his boat line during an argument.

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