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AI-powered combat aircraft bring US huge battlefield advantage but raise ethical questions

The U.S. Air Force’s development of a pilotless aircraft run by artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to give American forces the upper hand in any conflict, but it also raises ethical questions about how such powerful technology should be deployed on the battlefield.

“This technology is something we’ll need for the future of defense,” Phil Siegel, an AI expert and the founder of the Center For Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation, told Fox News Digital.

Siegel’s comments come as the Air Force continues development of XQ-58A Valkyrie experimental aircraft, a stealth platform that can be operated by artificial intelligence that the U.S. hopes can provide a relatively inexpensive weapon that can be used to limit losses to manned planes and pilots in a conflict with a near-peer rival such as China.

Nevertheless, military planners believe the need for such technology is growing if the U.S. is going to continue being capable of confronting near-peer adversaries such as China, which has invested considerable resources into air defense systems that could make it difficult for American forces to operate in a conflict without taking heavy equipment and human losses.

“We need to move in this direction of adding AI — both within equipment and as a help to our soldiers making decisions,” Siegel said. “Like all AI, we will need to both provide it performance objectives and give it instructions for both high-information and low-information scenarios. That’s the reality of battle.”


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