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65,000 stayed on food stamp rolls despite winning big in lottery, government data show

A government watchdog group uncovered that well over 65,000 substantial lottery winners since 2019 continued collecting food stamps, even when they were over the federal income threshold for the program. 

The Foundation for Government Accountability’s survey of data from thirteen states shows recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, took home substantial lottery winnings ranging from $4,250 to $2 million, all amounts above the federal asset threshold to qualify for the government assistance program. 

“It shocks the conscious and defies belief,” Hayden Dublois, data and analytics director at FGA, told Fox News Digital. “And this is data from only 13 states. The 50-state number is likely titanic. The scale of the problem is staggering — even by government standards.”

During that span of time, fewer than 400 lottery winners were removed from the food stamp program, according to FGA. That program has 41.8 million people enrolled, an increase of about 5 million since before the pandemic. 

“It’s time for states at fault to pay the piper and eat the costs of their taxpayer waste. Instead of overserving bureaucrats, let’s end the waste and set a place at the table for hungry families.” 

Brianna Herlihy is a politics writer for Fox News Digital.


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