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2nd Ave Deli owner says he was ‘shocked’ and ‘upset’ to see swastika drawn outside famed NYC eatery

The owner of New York City’s famed 2nd Ave Deli tells Fox News that he is now “afraid of what can happen and what the future holds” after his Jewish eatery was vandalized this week with a swastika. 

Jeremy Lebewohl told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday that “At first I was just shocked, and I was upset about it, I was angry about it” and “then I was just sad that all of this is happening in my city” when he discovered what was drawn on his business on Monday. 

“My family came from Europe after the Holocaust and I grew up hearing all about the horrible things, and I was raised to know that these horrible things can happen to Jewish people again unfortunately,” he said. “In a great country like America that seems like it’s not possible, but these days it’s seeming more that it is possible. That’s frightening.” 

“I’m not afraid to walk around New York. I’m afraid of what can happen and what the future holds,” Lebewohl added. “We are seeing a lot of scary things happening right now, not just in New York City, but all around the world.” 


“I’ve seen Hamas flags around the city, I’ve heard people chanting from the river to the sea and all of that is essentially calling for the murder of Jewish people, to completely wipe out the entire Jewish population and the state of Israel,” he also said. “Hamas — what they stand for is to not just kill Jews inside of Israel but all over the world and I think that people need to recognize that when they see those other symbols that they should have the same outrage that they do when they see a swastika.” 

Greg Norman is a reporter at Fox News Digital.


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