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Soak up these top Fox News Lifestyle stories of the week, including stories of a $15 Goodwill gown with a surprising history, a senior shelter dog meeting his match and school closures in America as the solar eclipse nears. (Kansas Michalke; Austin Pets Alive!, Karen Hardwick, Amanda Stronza; iStock)

Hot topics

Washington, D.C., is set to lose over 100 iconic cherry trees next year, including one affectionately referred to as “Stumpy.” Here’s what you need to know. Click here to get the story.

On TikTok, young creators are revealing exactly how much they earn — and how they budget and spend their money in a trend called “payday routine.” Click here to get the story.

School districts and universities nationwide will observe alternative schedules due to safety concerns during the solar eclipse on April 8. Astrophysicist Dr. Bill Blair weighed in. Click here to get the story.

Many schools across the U.S. are rethinking their class schedules for April 8, 2024, the day a solar eclipse will hit North America. The eclipse’s line of totality — the areas where the sun will experience total coverage — will span 15 states, according to NASA. (iStock)

Good news you’ll appreciate

A group of female college students are being called heroes after they pulled over during a road trip to save a family whose car had plunged into a creek and become submerged. Click here to get the story.

A 10-year-old Carolina mix named Velcro spent 700 days living at a Texas shelter before he was adopted by a senior citizen who wanted a pet dog who matched her slower paced lifestyle. Click here to get the story.

Velcro has proven to be “the perfect match” for his new owner.  (Austin Pets Alive!, Karen Hardwick, Amanda Stronza)

Human interest

A woman in Austin, Texas, claimed the ultimate Goodwill find after she purchased a vintage evening gown that was designed by Jackie Kennedy’s personal designer, Oleg Cassini. Click here to get the story.

Daniella Thackray, a woman who recently died from an aggressive form of cancer while in her 20s, had her final message shared on social media detailing how much she loved life. The post has gone viral. Click here to get the story.

Daniella Thackray, inset, recently died from a rare form of cancer while in her 20s, according to her public Facebook and LinkedIn posts. Her family posted her final message on both of her social media profiles. (iStock; Daniella Thackray/LinkedIn)

Taste of America

Justin Cucci, the Denver chef behind restaurant group Edible Beats, finds inspiration for his food and his business in the music of his favorite bands, including Steely Dan and the Grateful Dead. Click here to get the story.

Spam has enjoyed eight straight years of record growth, according to parent company Hormel. Spam musubi, a form of sushi made with the canned meat, is fueling the trend. Click here to get the story.

Young Charlotte Alves enjoys Spam musubi prepared for dinner by her father, chef Nuno Alves of Honolulu, Hawaii. Right, Spam musubi from Sisters Asian Snack Bar in Ashburn, Virginia. (Nuno Alves; Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

History & culture

The USS New Jersey is leaving port for the first time in 24 years to undergo maintenance in Philadelphia. Today a floating museum, the battleship will fire its heavy guns on the journey. Click here to get the story.

The Apollo 11 moon mission provided a giant leap for womankind, thanks to the remarkable intellect of a young software engineer and mother. Meet the American named Margaret Hamilton. Click here to get the story.

Margaret Hamilton, a 32-year-old mother and computer whiz at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, wrote the software that helped place Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon on July 20, 1969.  (NASA; Alamy)

Faith in focus

College students’ top prayers on the Christian prayer app Hallow this season of Lent are the “Pray40” series on suffering — as well as the St. Michael’s Prayer. Here’s why these choices surprised even the Hallow team. Click here to get the story.

A new film, “Cabrini,” about the life of Mother Cabrini, is already eliciting plenty of comment and feedback. Here’s what some are saying. Click here to get the story.


Pastor Samuel Rodriguez of New Season Church in Sacramento, California, shared insights on Luke 19:30 and how the verse offers a lesson for all during the season of Lent, ahead of Easter. Click here to get the story.

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez of New Season Church in Sacramento said it’s best to focus on the “promise of what’s to come, not what we’ve left behind.” (George Hicks/iStock)

And one more

Try your hand at a fun new American Culture Quiz! Can you get all eight questions right? Click here.

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