Top journalism school teaches students to avoid harmful 'microaggressions' that display 'myth of meritocracy'

A top journalism school is being accused of “forcing political indoctrination” on students in a required diversity course for undergraduates.

A new report from the Goldwater Institute claims students at Arizona State University’s The Cronkite School are required to learn about racial microaggressions,” and “cisgender privilege” in a course called “Diversity and Civility at Cronkite.”

“More than 400 students were required to take this class in the Fall 2023 semester alone, with more than 2,000 hours of class time spent on what may as well be called Trendy Topics in Progressive Politics 101,” Goldwater wrote in a press release.

“The Cronkite School is supposed to be one of the country’s preeminent training grounds for journalists; instead it’s forcing cultural and political indoctrination down students’ throats,” the group said.


Arizona State University’s journalism school was accused of pushing cultural and political “indoctrination” in a required undergraduate course on diversity. (iStock)

Assignments allegedly given in the first unit of the course break down diversity in the categories of race, gender, sexuality, citizenship and disability.

This suggests a person’s race, gender identity, and sexuality are viewed as “the most important aspects of his or her experience,” the report said.

In the second unit of the course, students are allegedly taught about avoiding harmful racial microaggressions, such as calling America a “melting pot,” which sends the message that immigrants should “assimulate/acculturate to the dominant culture.”

Other problematic phrases include, “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” and “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.” The assignment says these phrases display the “myth of meritocracy,” and send the message that “People of color are given extra unfair benefits because of their race,” and “People of color are lazy and / or incompetent and need to work.”

Whites denying their “individual racism” or claiming to be “colorblind” are also listed as offensive microaggressions.


Universities have increasingly moved towards implementing DEI at every level at the institution.  (Fox News Digital )

Sexuality and gender identity is also a significant focus of the course. Students are asked to learn about various gender identities such “nonbinary” “agender” and “gender expansive.”

Other assignments include how to introduce yourself with pronouns and how to recognize your “heterosexual,” “male” or “cisgender privilege.”

The Goldwater Institute says they accessed these assignments through a public records request.

This particular course wasn’t the only class pushing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ideologies at ASU, Goldwater claimed. Their report found more than 100 other classes offered during their Spring 2024 semester that include “DEI” terminology or fulfill their “diversity” requirement for undergraduates.

“How many of these courses are preaching progressive dogmas to a captive audience of students who must submit to this instruction just to graduate?” Goldwater asked.

The report highlights a growing concern conservatives have raised about the millions of taxpayer dollars invested in DEI programs at public universities around the country.

Goldwater and Speech First introduced model legislation last year intended to root out required DEI classes at public universities.

The Cronkite School did not return a request for comment on the course or the report from Fox News Digital.

Kristine Parks is an associate editor for Fox News Digital. Read more.

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