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Do you need to encrypt your sensitive cloud data?

Curious about the security of your documents in the cloud? You’re not alone. We recently received an email from Dana in Marietta, Ga., who is asking this,  

“I just read your article on saving documents to the cloud. What is your opinion on protecting those documents by encrypting them first? Does that prevent companies like Google from harvesting them? Also, how are these files removed after the death of the individual?” –  Dana, Marietta, GA 

Wonderful question, Dana. Data encryption can be an overwhelming concept at first, but when broken down, it is simple.  

Encryption is a process of transforming data into an unreadable form that can only be accessed by authorized parties with the decryption key, which is basically just a password that can turn the data back into text that can be read and used.  

This makes it nearly impossible for anyone without access to steal, change, or compromise whatever you are protecting.  You may choose to do this to protect sensitive files like financial or medical documents. 

However, encryption does not guarantee complete privacy. Some companies, like Google, may have access to your encryption keys or use other methods to decrypt your data.  

Therefore, encrypting your documents may not prevent Google from harvesting them, depending on how you use their services and what their policies are.

How do you feel about encrypting your documents before uploading them to the cloud? Are you prepared to ensure your data is accessible to close friends or family members after you pass away? Let us know by writing us at

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