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Ask Kurt: How is it possible that your friends are getting spam email from you?

Do you ever wonder how spammers can send you emails that look like they are coming from your own account or someone you know? You might think that your email is hacked or that your friend’s account is compromised.

The truth is, these types of deceptive emails aren’t really coming from those addresses. They’re just pretending to be them. This is called “spoofing,” and it is an effective phishing technique used by scammers to trick you into opening their messages, clicking on harmful links and giving away your personal information.

Take these two instances from Linda and James, who both experienced this spoofing scam firsthand and are sharing how the attempted attacks unfold.

“I have been receiving spam, like everyone else, but what I’ve noticed is the spam is coming from and to my email address. I suspected it was coming from my server, but there’s no trace of the emails in the sent logs. How is this possible?” – Linda, Barnegat, New Jersey

“I have been receiving spam emails from a friend of mine. It has their email address in the from field. My friend told me they never sent this. How are spammers able to send emails from other accounts?” – James, Tampa, Florida

Great questions. It starts with a scammer faking an email address to make it look like it’s coming from someone else. It is a simple and dangerous way for scammers to deceive you.

They can get your email address or your friend’s email addresses from data breaches, websites, social media or public directories. Then they can use them to send you phishing emails that seem legit.

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