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HometechThe alarming surge of home title theft and how to protect your...

The alarming surge of home title theft and how to protect your property

Home sweet home is a sentiment many of us cherish. Yet, imagine brewing your morning coffee only to discover that your beloved abode isn’t yours anymore. No, we’re not scripting a new “Twilight Zone” episode. This scenario captures the chilling reality of home title theft. It’s a crime as real as your daily caffeine fix. 

We recently received an email that puts this into perspective. Charlie from Charleston, South Carolina, brings up a question that is bothering a lot of folks these days.

“I’m seeing TV commercials on home title theft. Is this a real concern? Would any of your recommended services protect me from this? Thanks for your time.”

Like so many others, Charlie is wondering: Can we keep our home sweet home safe from the grubby paws of title thieves? What protections are there? How can you protect your own little corner of paradise from getting hijacked?

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