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Vikings’ Camryn Bynum asks for visa help for wife stuck in Philippines during post-game interview

Minnesota Vikings safety Camryn Bynum played a vital role in his team’s massive 22-17 upset over the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night, which ultimately led to a post-game interview during which he wanted to talk about something other than himself. 

Bynum may have had a team-high seven tackles and two interceptions — one of which was the game-clincher with 25 seconds left in the fourth quarter with the 49ers trying to drive downfield — but his mind during the interview with NFL Network was on his wife, Lalaine, who he says is having trouble getting her visa to enter the U.S. 

Lalaine Bynum has been in the Philippines, and her husband, wearing the country’s flag on his helmet and towel on Monday night at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, asked for help for something that’s been weighing heavy on him for the past two seasons. 

But what would make him the happiest on the field is knowing that his wife is in the stands, something he hasn’t been able to achieve yet, which is why he asked for help following one of the best outings of his early career.

Scott Thompson is a sports writer for Fox News Digital.


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