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Homelos angeles dodgersTrevor Bauer's 27-minute phone call with accuser following sexual encounter revealed

Trevor Bauer’s 27-minute phone call with accuser following sexual encounter revealed

A phone call between former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer and his accuser, Lindsey Hill, about their sexual encounter was released on YouTube Thursday.

The two settled their legal dispute earlier this week, and the pitcher released damning messages from Hill to her friends.

A friend told Hill to “secure the bag” after seeing Bauer’s net worth was $51 million. Hill also called a “star pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers” her “next victim.”

The two begin the May 22, 2021, phone call with Hill congratulating Bauer on his 11-strikeout performance from the night before. The YouTube description says the call was “covertly recorded by police” as two officers sat next to Hill during the discussion.

“I was under the impression that you had, like, had rough sex before because you had said that, that it’s like kind of your way of escaping,” Bauer says. “So … I should’ve clarified that and talked to you more about it and really got on the same page with you about that.”

Bauer later said Hill told him that “fingers down the throat” was off limits. Hill said she didn’t remember Bauer asking her if she was OK throughout the encounter.

The pitcher’s attorneys said the following in a statement, obtained by Fox News Digital:

“Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill had consensual rough sex and the pretext call confirms that his version of events — the truth — never wavered, despite her attempts to get him to admit what she told the police…

“If Mr. Bauer had committed the acts alleged and this call was the smoking gun Ms. Hill hoped it would be, the Pasadena Police Department — who coordinated the call — would have arrested him. They didn’t view this recorded call as probable cause for an arrest, or consider it to be evidence that Mr. Bauer admitted to what Ms. Hill accused him of.  Rather, it was further evidence that Ms. Hill’s allegations were not credible.”

Bauer’s attorneys added that he “never punched” Hill.

The 2020 AL Cy Young Award winner was initially suspended for the equivalent of two full seasons by Major League Baseball, but that was shortened to 194 games. He played the 2023 season in Japan.

“Now, over the last two years, I’ve been forced to defend my integrity and my reputation in a very public setting, but hopefully this is the last time I have to do so, as I’d prefer to just remain focused on doing my job, winning baseball games and entertaining fans around the world,” he said earlier this week. “So, today I’m happy to be moving on with my life.”


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