Monday, May 27, 2024
Homencaa fbThose in trenches know real problems with NIL, and some in Congress...

Those in trenches know real problems with NIL, and some in Congress starting to finally get it

About an hour into the Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Name, Image & Likeness on Tuesday at the Hart Senate Office Building in Room 216, some light started coming through the chambers.

“With all due respect,” NCAA president Charlie Baker said to Walker Jones, who is the head of “The Grove” collective at Ole Miss. And the booster-run collectives are at the root of all the evil of NIL. Jones says he is fixing that with his conglomerate with two dozen other collectives around the country.

“We do not participate in the recruiting process,” Jones claimed, and I almost started laughing. “That is best left to coaches and athletic directors under the strict watch of the NCAA.”

Then I really started laughing.

No one did their homework back then, meaning a study of how things may develop. Finally, a collective effort is underway. And in that regard, with all due respect, a “collective” is not a dirty word.


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