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Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch on Russell Wilson blocking his number: ‘Russ was just a QB to me’

The Seattle Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in 2012. Two years prior, running back Marshawn Lynch joined the roster. The Wilson-Lynch quarterback and running back duo went to have several productive seasons together.

The 2013 season ended with Wilson and Lynch helping bring the first Lombardi Trophy to Seattle when the team won Super Bowl XLVIII. Wilson’s relationships with his old Seahawks teammates has been widely scrutinized over the years.

During a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast and suggested that his relationship with Wilson was strictly professional and did not extend beyond the football field.

“Russ was just a QB for me. … I don’t have his number,” Lynch told Sharpe.

The Seahawks traded Wilson to the Denver Broncos during the 2022 offseason after the quarterback agreed to waive the no-trade provision in his contract.

Chantz Martin is a sports writer for Fox News Digital.


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