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HomencaaRiley Gaines unimpressed with NCAA president Charlie Baker's Senate testimony

Riley Gaines unimpressed with NCAA president Charlie Baker’s Senate testimony

Former NCAA star swimmer Riley Gaines made clear in a statement on Wednesday that NCAA president Charlie Baker was made aware of her experience while at the 2022 championships and how she felt about having to compete against and change in front of Lia Thomas.

Baker was on Capitol Hill on Tuesday and appeared to shift the focus to former president Mark Emmert about how the NCAA dealt with the controversy surrounding Thomas.

Gaines, who is the director of the Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute, said in a statement to Fox News Digital she was “excited to hear of Charlie Baker’s acceptance of the NCAA position because Mr. Baker has a reputation for fairness and for considering all viewpoints” given that he was a student-athlete at Harvard and has a daughter her age who played sports as she grew up.

“I can tell you that the standards with respect to participation for trans athletes in women’s sports have been adjusted since then and continue to be adjusted based on conversation with other governing bodies.”

Fox News’ Paulina Dedaj contributed to this report.

Ryan Gaydos is a senior editor for Fox News Digital.


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