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HomenflEagles' Jalen Hurts suggests 'tush push' has sparked threats: 'Heard a guy...

Eagles’ Jalen Hurts suggests ‘tush push’ has sparked threats: ‘Heard a guy wanted me hurt for it’

The Philadelphia Eagles, perhaps more than any other team in the NFL, have mastered the rugby style quarterback sneak. 

On short yardage plays, quarterback Jalen Hurts typically lines up under center with two or three players behind him. 

He takes the snap, the offensive line surges forward and Hurts gets a big push from behind. The Eagles will often get the yardage they need for a first down, and some have called on the league to remove the play from the game.

On Wednesday, Hurts was asked if he thought the “push play” should be banned.

“Obviously, it’s a play that we’ve had a lot of success with over the last few years, and it’s just a physical play,” he said. “Jalen does a good job finding the weak spot of the zone. They were trying to jump over the pile today, but I was ready for that in the back. If we need a yard, we’re gonna get a yard with our O-line. … Jalen is gonna fight for it.”

Fox News’ Ryan Gaydos and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Chantz Martin is a sports writer for Fox News Digital.


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