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HomenflEagles find success with 'tush push,' tight end reveals how other teams...

Eagles find success with ‘tush push,’ tight end reveals how other teams could stop it

The Philadelphia Eagles were at it again on Monday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In short-yardage situations, the Eagles got with the “tush push.” Jalen Hurts lines up under center with two or three players behind him and when he takes the snap he gets a big shove from those guys. 

Hurts notably did it on Monday night in the third quarter for a touchdown and then on the final drive that helped Philadelphia ice the game. The team did it four times overall.

“Frankly, us as coaches aren’t doing anything. We’re calling the play and the players are going out there and making it work. Now, we did a lot of studies on everything in the offseason to help ourselves be even better at it, but it’s about those guys up front. It’s about Jalen. I think we would be pretty successful without the push, but we’re just pushing them sometimes to give that extra thump.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Ryan Gaydos is a senior editor for Fox News Digital.


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