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Doctor of physical therapy gives insight into Nick Chubb’s future: ‘Definitely got his work cut out for him’

Nick Chubb’s injury Monday night was one of the more distressing moments on a football field in recent memory.

The damage to his knee looked so gruesome ESPN opted not to replay the tackle on which he was hurt during its broadcast.

The Cleveland Browns were quick to say Chubb’s season is likely over given it’s a “significant” injury.

It’s clear Chubb has his work cut out for him, but here’s a reminder this is not Chubb’s first serious injury to his left knee. He had a similar injury in 2015 at the University of Georgia.

It’s a tough road for Chubb. Christ notes that running backs normally decline at around age 29. And running backs see an average of a 35% decrease in production in their return from ACL injuries. If he returns fully healthy, he’ll be close to the haunted age for running backs.

“Is his career over? I’m not gonna say that. Is it gonna be very hard for him to get back to playing elite football? Yes, it definitely will be,” Christ said. “It’s possible that he can be productive again in this league, but he’s definitely got his work cut out for him.”


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