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Homemlb postseasonThe sterling silver Commissioner's Trophy is valued at around $15,000

The sterling silver Commissioner’s Trophy is valued at around $15,000

Each year, the winner of the MLB World Series is honored with the Commissioner’s Trophy. This professional sports league award has been administered since 1967 and was named years later, in 1985. 

The 30 teams that make up the MLB battle it out for this trophy and the World Series title. The Yankees have seven Commissioners’ Trophies, the most of any team in the MLB. Since their inception, the Yankees have won 27 World Series, with seven won following the creation of the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Below is a look into the history of the Commissioner’s Trophy, and the awards that came before. 

A close-up of the Commissioner's Trophy

Each MLB season, 30 teams battle it out for the Commissioner’s Trophy. (Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images)


Rob Manfred presenting the Commissioner's Trophy

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred presents the Commissioner’s Trophy to the winning team each year. (Robert Beck /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

3. How is the World Series Trophy made?

The Commissioner’s Trophy is made of sterling silver, and features 30-gold plated flags, each representing an MLB team. 

The trophy is about 24 inches tall, minus its base, has a diameter of 11 inches and weighs about 30 pounds. At the bottom of the trophy is an engraving that reads “Presented by the Commissioner of Baseball.” It also has the signature of current baseball commissioner Rob Manfred.

Ashlyn Messier is a writer for Fox News Digital. 


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