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’60 Minutes’ Deion Sanders interview faces scrutiny from Jackson State women’s basketball coach over portrayal

Jackson State Tigers women’s basketball coach Tomekia Reed took issue with how “60 Minutes” portrayed the Mississippi capital city in its interview with Deion Sanders.

Sanders coached the Jackson State football team for three seasons before he left for Colorado at the end of 2022. In the segment, Jackson, Mississippi, and Boulder, Colorado, were contrasted as two separate towns. The feature showed a dilapidated home in Jackson next to the greenery and open spaces in Boulder.

“The distance between Jackson and Boulder is 1,000 miles and immeasurably further culturally,” “60 Minutes” correspondent Jon Wertheim said before leading into some of the statistics.

“Opportunity called. Sooner than later in life there will be opportunity that knocks at your door and at this juncture in my life, I felt like the opportunity for not only me but for my kids as well was tremendous,” he said. “Not only did we take several kids from that team – three trainers, maybe 12 of the 14 staffers. So, we afforded to give people tremendous opportunity here.”

Ryan Gaydos is a senior editor for Fox News Digital.


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