SEAN HANNITY: Biden was the brand in his family's business dealings

Fox News host Sean Hannity shreds the Biden family’s alleged international influence peddling on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Despite what you just heard from AOC, according to Bobulinski and other key witnesses, Biden was the centerpiece of the family’s international influence peddling. He was the brand and yet, as far as we know, the House of Representatives is the only group seriously investigating Joe Biden. Nothing from the DOJ, nothing from the FBI, nothing from the IRS.


You know, it’s perfectly normal for a vice president to leverage $1 billion, give a country like Ukraine six hours to fire a prosecutor. Son of a b, they do it and the result is his son continues to get paid for what he said on Good Morning America, he had no experience in Ukraine or energy, at a time he later admits that he was addicted to drugs.

Apparently, the three letter agencies of our federal government saved all of their scrutiny for Donald Trump. Trump now faces dozens of charges, including an unprecedented and bizarre case out of New York. The case, brought by the New York attorney general, who proudly campaigned on getting Trump, as Professor Dershowitz says. Once elected, she accused the former president of fraud, charged him with inflating the value of his real estate portfolio in order to obtain loans and better insurance rates.

This article was written by Fox News staff.

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