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NASA reveals ‘ghostly cosmic hand’ 16,000 light-years from Earth

Is it Halloween in outer space?

NASA has released X-ray images of a dead collapsed star that looks eerily like the bones of a “ghostly cosmic hand.”

The spooky images, released just before Halloween and taken from two of NASA’s X-ray space telescopes, show the remnants of a dead collapsed star that lives on through plumes of particles of energized matter and antimatter. 

The fragments unveil the magnetic field of a remarkable hand-shaped structure in space, located about 16,000 light-years from Earth, according to NASA.


“We’ve uncovered the life history of super energetic matter and antimatter particles around the pulsar,” said co-author Niccolò Di Lalla, also of Stanford. “This teaches us about how pulsars can act as particle accelerators.”

The IXPE has also detected similar magnetic fields for the “Vela” and “Crab” pulsar wind nebulae, which implies that they may be common in these objects, the scientists revealed. 

The images were released days after NASA announced its Juno mission had spotted a haunting looking “face” on Jupiter. 

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