Biden 'hypocritical' in showing 'deep concern' for Enhanced Games, event's founder says

The Enhanced Games will be the first athletic event in which performance-enhancing drugs will be 100% allowed.

Dr. Aron D’Souza has hired numerous doctors through his billionaire investors to make his event, dubbed the “Olympics on steroids,” a safe, honest and fair competition – unlike the Olympics, he said.

D’Souza has been largely critical of the Olympics before, citing that they preach safety despite their two largest sponsors being Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, “the two organizations that have done the most damage to health in human history.”

He also notes that the World Anti-Doping Agency, initiated by the International Olympic Committee, ran a study in 2018 that said 44% of Olympic athletes use performance-enhancements, but only 1% get caught.


President Biden speaks at Abbotts Creek Community Center during an event to promote his economic agenda in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Jan. 18, 2024.  (SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

However, after President Biden and the White House showed a “deep concern” for the event, the doctor said Biden was being “hypocritical.”

He said that Biden “has always championed science,” but chose to ignore it in this sense with the “old-fashioned attitude” that steroids are bad.

“They’re saying science is not important, that they issued a statement without fully considering the scientific literature that even an intern, if they did a little bit of research, would have found out. …” D’Souza said in a recent interview with Fox News Digital.


“I respect President Biden for being a progressive leader – always championing the future, not some idealized version of the past. And he is someone who has always championed science, he’s championed a woman’s right to choose, the mantra of ‘my body, my choice.’ Why does that not apply to athletes? I think the president, when he fully considers our position, the White House will be retracting that statement, made by a – lonely – sub-cabinet-level official.”

D’Souza said he met with doctors at the British Parliament last month who said that the Olympics’ drug testing is ineffective and “doesn’t work.”

So, he is hoping that Biden rethinks his stance on what is an honest, safe and fair competition.

“If the President really thought this, I think he would be very much pro-science and pro-enhancements,” D’Souza said. “Joe Biden is the oldest president ever, and the human enhancement movement, at its core, is about extending longevity, extending health spans, reversing aging. And President Biden I would hope would be very interested in that.”

President Biden speaks during a meeting of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council in the Indian Treaty Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2023. (Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“This is one of the most important scientific endeavors of all-time. We are showing the potential of humanity, and I am sure President Biden is very interested in supporting science. I hope he enters a dialogue, and I hope that the White House will host a high-level dialogue on human enhancements just like the British Parliament did last month.”

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