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Youngkin shattering Virginia fundraising records ahead of November election likely to spark more 2024 buzz

Gov. Glenn Youngkin is hauling in big bucks ahead of November’s closely watched legislative elections in Virginia as the Republican governor aims for total GOP control of the state government.

Youngkin’s shattering of fundraising records in the commonwealth is sure to create even more buzz among some in the GOP donor class who want the popular governor to consider a late entry into the 2024 Republican presidential nomination race.

Youngkin hauled in $4.4 million in 48 hours this week for his Spirit of Virginia PAC, officials with the group told Fox News. That brings to $7.45 million the amount of money Youngkin has raked in through the group in the final quarter of fundraising ahead of the Nov. 7 elections.

Officials with the PAC highlight that Youngkin’s haul is nearly five times greater than the previous fundraising record, which was the $1.6 million then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe raised in 2015.

But in recent weeks, some top conservative donors who don’t support former President Donald Trump — the current commanding frontrunner in the GOP nomination race — have quietly increased their efforts to persuade Youngkin to run for the White House.

Many of those top dollar contributors will be meeting with Youngkin at a donor summit in Virginia Beach on Oct. 17-18.

Among those contributing to the Spirit of Virginia PAC is GOP megadonor Thomas Peterffy, who donated another $1 million. Peterffy has said he’d like to see Youngkin jump into the White House race.

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Paul Steinhauser is a politics reporter based in New Hampshire. 


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