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Virginia’s elections a key 2024 barometer and a huge test for rising GOP star Glenn Youngkin


While the governor says he remains laser focused on next week’s elections in Virginia as he avoids 2024 talk, there’s no let up in presidential race speculation surrounding Youngkin.

A number of top conservative donors who don’t support Trump — the current commanding front-runner in the GOP nomination race — this autumn have quietly increased their efforts to persuade Youngkin to run for the White House.

Many of those top dollar contributors met with Youngkin at a donor summit in Virginia Beach two weeks ago.

Among those contributing to the Spirit of Virginia PAC is GOP mega-donor Thomas Peterffy, who donated $3 million. Peterffy said in a new interview with Forbes that Youngkin may reconsider a White House run if the GOP takes total control of Virginia’s government in next week’s elections.

Virginia holds elections seen as a 2024 bellwether

aepublican Gov. Glenn Youngkin of Virginia greets voters after headlining a rally for GOP legislative candidates, in Norfolk, Virginia on Nov. 2, 2023 (Fox News – Paul Steinhauser)

When asked about those comments, Youngkin would only say “I’m humbled by the fact that people are paying attention to what we’re doing in Virginia and supportive of what we’re doing.”

“I’m glad the nation is watching, but we’ve got work to do here. Over the next five days. This is what we’re focused on is holding our house and flipping our Senate,” he added.

But former Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia, who joined the governor on the trail on Thursday, told Fox News “there’s a window, a very short, slim, window. But if there’s somebody who can do it, it’s Glenn Youngkin.”

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Paul Steinhauser is a politics reporter based in New Hampshire. 


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