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Sen. Vance accuses Biden of using Israel’s fight against Hamas to push for more Ukraine aid: ‘Disgusting’

Sen. J.D. Vance, R-Ohio, is accusing President Biden of using Israel’s fight against Hamas terrorists to push additional aid to Ukraine in its ongoing battle with Russia, describing the effort in the president’s address from the Oval Office Thursday night as “completely disgraceful.”

Vance, who published an opinion piece on the topic in The Hill with Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts ahead of Biden’s address, made it clear that he finds the situations in Israel and Ukraine to be very different.

“Instead of holding up aid to Israel for additional Ukraine funding, Congress should give the situation in Israel the separate debate and vote that it deserves,” Vance and Roberts wrote. The long piece also focused on their beliefs that wealthy European countries near Ukraine, such as Germany and France, should step up and provide “considerably more assistance.”

During Biden’s address, which focused primarily on the conflicts in both countries, he said he would be sending Congress an “urgent budget request” on Friday to fund America’s national security needs, which includes supporting critical partners like Israel and Ukraine.

Disagreements over aid to Ukraine almost caused a government shutdown last month as lawmakers could not come to an agreement on spending before the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

Then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy passed a spending patch without the additional multi-billion dollar Ukraine assistance as requested by President Biden, which ultimately averted the shutdown. The temporary funding patch expires Nov. 17, bringing Congress to another potential showdown in a few weeks. 


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