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Tensions reach boiling point in House GOP meeting hours before expected government shutdown

House Republicans left a closed-door conference meeting on Friday night frustrated and with no clear path forward on averting a government shutdown.

Government funding runs out at the end of the day today, and it’s all but certain that House and Senate lawmakers will not reach an agreement by midnight to stop nonessential government programs from grinding to a halt and thousands of federal workers from being furloughed.

“The problem is, is the holdouts aren’t offering any other options. The holdouts say, well why don’t we have a shutdown and [work on the appropriations process] as if all of a sudden, the messy democracy that makes appropriations process difficult in the first place is somehow going to resolve itself,” Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, told reporters when leaving the meeting. “It’s a f—ing democracy, it’s hard. And there’s no acknowledgment of that.”

A source in the room told Fox News Digital that the meeting was “very” tense as Republicans traded barbs over whom to blame for the current predicament.

“I think we can propose a seven day with some cuts, secure the border. And then we keep reauthorizing that on seven-day increments until we get done,” Ogles said, adding that he raised the possibility in conference.

“I proposed it in the room, I reached out to leadership this morning, made that suggestion early, and so it’s for discussion.”

House GOP lawmakers are meeting this morning, likely to discuss a path forward.

Lawmakers were told to prepare for votes on Saturday, but no lawmaker who exited the meeting could say definitely what they would be voting for.

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