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Speaker Johnson hits back at Senate opposition to House GOP Israel aid bill: ‘Does not line up with reality’

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., is hitting back at the Democrat-controlled Senate for criticizing the House GOP’s standalone bill to aid Israel.

Republican leaders released the text of the emergency aid legislation Monday, which includes just over $14 billion for Israel in its war against terror group Hamas. That money would be offset by siphoning funds from President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act – specifically, dollars allocated toward the IRS.

“If you ask people at the Pentagon, under oath or in a moment of truth, they will tell you the greatest threat to our national security is our own debt,” Johnson told Fox News Digital in an interview Tuesday.

“It is in our national interest to support our great ally and friend Israel in their time of need. But we also have to keep our focus on our own financial stability. And so those things must happen simultaneously.”

“I explained to him the reality of the House Republican majority, that it’s important to our members that these issues be addressed separately,” Johnson said without going into detail on the meeting.

“It does not mean that there’s not a resolve here to handle all of our obligations, but we want to do it in a very deliberate manner that is financially responsible,” he added. “And I don’t think that’s much to ask. And, in fact, I think we owe that as a duty to the people we represent.”

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