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Speaker Johnson draws battle lines ahead of government spending showdown

Speaker Mike Johnson is warning that the House and Senate could be at an “impasse” on government funding if the Democrat-controlled chamber tries to force the House GOP to bringing dense multi-subject spending bills to the House floor.

“We’ve sent appropriations bills over to the Senate and they have done nothing with them. Ultimately, we are going to be in a conference committee working out final agreements and all these things, but we are hopeful that the Senate will do their job,” Johnson told Fox News Digital in an interview

The House has passed five of 12 individual spending bills that together will fund the government in the next fiscal year. They’re slated to consider three more this week.

None have come for a vote in the Senate, where Democrats have lambasted Republicans for writing spending bills at a lower level than what was agreed to under the bipartisan debt limit deal. However, Senate appropriators announced a bipartisan deal last week to combine three spending bills into a “minibus.”


“But I think at the end of the day, what we’re trying to do is ensure that obviously the government remains in operation, but we do it in a fiscally responsible manner. And we cannot just print and borrow money and spend it anymore. We’re past that,” he said.

The three spending bills House Republicans are looking to pass this week fund the Department of Interior, the legislative branch and transportation along with Housing and Urban Development.

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