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Showdown likely between House and Senate as congress remains divided on Israel, Ukraine aid

Talks among Republicans in Congress are already underway for another route to split up aid for Israel and Ukraine aid, as the House’s $14.3 billion Israel-only aid proposal is likely to be dead-on-arrival in the Senate, sources told Fox News Digital Wednesday afternoon. 

“We need to come up with a different package to move forward that has the ability to get through the Democrat controlled Senate and signed into law by a president, who is also a Democrat,” a senate aide told Fox News Digital Wednesday. 

“Some people are concerned about Ukraine. Some people are going about the border. Some people are concerned about money for Hamas,” an aide said. “So, everyone has their own reasons as to why they are concerned about the large package, but it is a pretty evenly split amongst the party.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has been advocating for the package to remain cohesive despite dwindling support for Ukraine within the GOP, calling it a “global” war against countries like Russia, China and Iran who oppose democratic nations. 

The total amount requested from Biden is roughly $105 billion. It includes $61.4 billion for Ukraine; $14.3 billion for Israel (with $10.6 billion allocated for military aid); $13.6 billion for “border protection” such as speeding up processing asylum seekers; and significant investments in Indo-Pacific security assistance, totaling around $7.4 billion. Additionally, there’s $9 billion earmarked for humanitarian aid in Ukraine, Israel and Gaza.

Fox News’ Elizabeth Elkind contributed to this report.

Jamie Joseph is a writer who covers politics. She leads Fox News Digital coverage of the Senate. 


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