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Republicans respond to Biden’s Oval Office speech that mentioned Ukraine, Hamas-Israel war: ‘Unbelievable’

President Biden gave an address from the White House’s Oval Office Thursday night, when he provided an update on two conflicts happening across the globe, including Israel’s war with Hamas and Russia’s continued fighting in Ukraine. He vowed America would not be on the sidelines of either conflict.

His brief remarks, however, were met with some criticism as Republicans and others accused him of trying to fix problems that he previously caused and attempted to use the slaughtering of Israelis and the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza to request additional funds in the Ukraine conflict.

“The shame of it all is that we wouldn’t be in this terrible position if Joe Biden hadn’t been so weak in Afghanistan, so slow in Ukraine, so pandering to Iran, and so absent from the border,” wrote Nikki Haley, a Republican presidential candidate who is beating him in some head-to-head polls. “The world is on fire, and America needs strong new leadership to deal with it.”

Some critics called his speech “unbelievable” and “completely disgraceful.”

He added, “Joe Biden does NOT deserve another term in office. Frankly, he doesn’t deserve another day in office.”

Democrats widely lauded the speech, and Biden also received praise from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“I thank Joe Biden for his powerful address. Together, we will not allow hatred destroy freedom, and we will not let terrorists destroy democracy,” Zelenskyy wrote on X. “Ukraine is grateful for all the U.S. support and its unfaltering belief that humanism, freedom, independence, and rules-based international order must always triumph.”

His address came a day after he visited Tel Aviv, where met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli officials in the hopes of containing the crisis in the Gaza Strip from erupting into a wider conflict.

Biden also said he would “keep American troops out of harm’s way,” and that the congressional aid package would “help us build a world that is safer, more peaceful and more prosperous for our children and grandchildren in Israel.”


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