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Ramaswamy unveils plan to ‘declare economic independence from China’ in upcoming policy speech

He will highlight the U.S. military’s reliance on China, pointing out how the CCP is a leading producer of “16” out of the 35 strategic materials identified as critical by the Department of Defense

“Limiting foreign engagement in other parts of the world (e.g. Ukraine and Middle East) will reopen substantial funds to reinvest in our domestic defense base without the need for expanding the overall U.S. military budget,” the preview read. “Vivek will modernize the Reagan Doctrine to the 21st century — from ‘peace through strength’ to ‘prosperity through peace.'”

Ramaswamy will also propose weakening America’s pharmaceutical reliance on China by bolstering trade partnerships with Israel and India and will do the same regarding rare earth minerals with countries like India and Brazil, adding that Chile is “the world’s third-greatest lithium reserves” yet “our third-largest lithium partner is China.”

“We don’t have to ban Chinese imports; we just need to buy from other countries that produce the same things. I call on all American companies to declare lithium independence from China and grow their imports from Chile,” Ramaswamy will declare according to the preview. 

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