Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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New York judge fines Trump $5K for violating partial gag order in civil fraud trial

A New York judge fined former President Trump $5,000 for violating the partial gag order he imposed in the civil trial stemming from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation into the Trump family’s businesses, while warning the 2024 frontrunner that future violations could result in imprisonment.

Judge Arthur Engoron, earlier this month, imposed a partial gag order to prevent all parties from engaging in any verbal attacks against court staff after Trump criticized a member of the judge’s office on social media.


Chutkan said Monday that the former president is able to criticize the Justice Department in general terms and has the right to post his view that the case against him is politically motivated. However, the judge said Trump cannot post attacks against prosecutors or court staff.

“No other criminal defendant would be allowed to do so, and I’m not going to allow it in this case,” Chutkan said, adding that, if necessary, she would impose sanctions if Trump violates the partial gag order.

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