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NBC guilty of ‘dishonest advocacy’ by shielding Democrats’ stance on late-term abortions, critics say

NBC News has taken an aggressive stance against the leading GOP presidential candidates, falsely asserting their criticism of Democrats’ support for late-term abortion is without merit. 

On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” former President Trump railed against the “radical people” in the Democratic Party who say “after five months, six months, seven months, eight months, nine months, and even after birth, you’re allowed to terminate the baby.”

“Mr. President, Democrats aren’t saying that,” NBC host Kristen Welker interjected. “I just have to- Democrats are not saying that. That’s not true.”

“Of course they do. You have a Virginia governor, previous governor, who said, ‘After the baby is born, you will make a determination, and if you want, you will kill that baby.’ The baby is now born,” Trump said, paraphrasing the controversial 2019 comments made by then-Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

“But Mr. President, Democrats writ large are not talking about that. Only 1% of late-term abortions happen, and always in the state of crisis,” Welker shot back, providing context irrelevant to Trump’s argument.

In recent years, states like Maine, Colorado and New York have similarly passed laws that do not provide any week limits on abortion.

Prominent Democrats, including Sens. John Fetterman and Bernie Sanders, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, all rejected limits on abortions when asked. 

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck knocked NBC for being “hellbent” on denying the reality that Democrats haven’t vocally opposed late-term abortions. 

“Welker with Trump and Burns with DeSantis before that are worth mocking and condemning for trying to gaslight viewers,” Houck told FOX News Digital. “Abortion without limits is a sacred cow for today’s left, but their media allies are too cowardly to admit it.”

“If the American public knew just how radical the Democratic platform is on abortion, they would never vote for them,” pro-life advocate Abby Johnson told FOX News Digital. “Nearly 70% of Americans are in favor of restricting abortion past the first trimester. That’s the reason why NBC News and their cohorts are so adamant about shutting down the truth on this issue. It’s an ugly truth when you think about it.”

NBC News did not immediately respond to FOX News’ request for comment.

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Joseph A. Wulfsohn is a media reporter for Fox News Digital. Story tips can be sent to and on Twitter: @JosephWulfsohn.


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