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Liz Cheney calls Speaker Johnson ‘dangerous’ for helping Trump ‘undermine our republic’

Former Republican Rep. Liz Cheney claims that newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson is “dangerous” for the country because he supported former President Trump’s efforts to undermine the 2020 election despite knowing they were false.

“One of the reasons why somebody like Mike Johnson is dangerous is because when you have elected Republicans who know better, elected Republicans who know the truth but yet will go along with the efforts to undermine our republic, the efforts, frankly, that Donald Trump undertook to overturn the election,” Cheney said on the “Politics is Everything” podcast from the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

According to Cheney, Johnson “was acting in ways that he knew to be wrong” when he sought to convince fellow House Republicans to sign an amicus brief for one of the lawsuits Trump filed questioning the 2020 election. 

“And, I think that the country unfortunately will come to see the measure of his character,” she added.

Cheney lost support from most of the GOP when she joined the House January 6 committee, which investigated Trump’s alleged role in inspiring the rioters who stormed the Capitol in early 2021. 

Johnson’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment on Cheney’s statements.

Thomas Phippen is an Editor at Fox News.


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