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Jewish Americans on edge amid growing anti-Israel hostility: ‘Coordinated effort’

Hundreds of Jewish Americans have found themselves at the center of recent, internal threats as Israel seeks to defend itself from Hamas terrorists, leading those in the community to be on high alert as they continue worshipping in America.

Though they’re more than 6,700 miles from where the war is being fought between Israel and Hamas terrorists from Gaza, Jewish Americans have been targeted in recent weeks over their religion and ties to the war-torn country.

Last weekend, multiple synagogues in Rhode Island and Massachusetts faced what ended up being empty threats meant to instill fear among Jewish Americans living in the area.

Boston 25 News reported that a state police bomb squad responded Saturday to a synagogue in Attleboro, Massachusetts, at the request of local police after a synagogue there received a bomb threat. In Rhode Island, a handful of synagogues were also targeted over the weekend with anonymous threats, all of which were submitted to each synagogue’s contact desk page on their website, according to Stephanie Hague, a spokesperson for the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.

“Us Jews living in America have always faced, unfortunately, the fear of persecution,” said Rabbi Yoni Fein, who serves as the head of a southern Jewish school. “It’s been, unfortunately, for thousands of years we’ve had this. … You know, that’s the impact, the psychological impact of terror they want to place on people as far away as possible – that we have a fear of going about our way of life.”

“We’re not going to let that happen,” he added.

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