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Fetterman shreds fellow Democrats blaming Israel in Hamas war: ‘Truly disturbing’

Sen. John Fetterman, D-Pa., expressed his support for Israel on X Wednesday, when he also criticized some of his Democratic colleagues without mentioning them by name. 

Fetterman, in a series of posts, struck down calls for a ceasefire and questioned those who blamed the deadly hospital blast in Gaza on Israel, writing that it is “truly disturbing” members of Congress were quick to take the word of Hamas, who blamed the death of hundreds at a Gaza hospital on an Israeli airstrike, over “our key ally.”

“It’s truly disturbing that Members of Congress rushed to blame Israel for the hospital tragedy in Gaza. Who would take the word of a group that just massacred innocent Israeli civilians over our key ally?” the Pennsylvania senator asked on X.

“Innocent Israelis were the victims of a terrorist attack that resulted in the largest loss of Jewish lives since the Holocaust,” Fetterman wrote. “Now we know that the tragedy at the Gaza hospital was not caused by Israel.”


The IDF has made evidence publicly available showing the explosion at Gaza City’s Al-Ahli Hospital, which left hundreds of civilians dead, was not Israel’s fault.

On Wednesday, President Biden visited Israel and said U.S. intelligence suggested the attack was the fault of terrorists and not Israel.

Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie contributed to this report.


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