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Christie ramps up attacks on DeSantis in media blitz

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie is ramping up attacks on his 2024 rival Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week.

In three separate media interviews Tuesday, the former New Jersey governor called DeSantis a “big government” Republican, torched his voting record on disaster relief and accused him of “playing politics” with President Biden’s visit to Florida after Hurricane Idalia. The flury of attacks comes as DeSantis is set to return to the campaign trail after canceling campaign events to lead the hurricane response in Florida. 

Christie, who worked closely with then-President Obama in 2012 to coordinate Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, ripped DeSantis for declining to meet Biden while the president toured areas affected by the disaster. 

“He was playing politics with it, but that’s his choice. I’m not the least bit surprised that that’s what he chose to do,” Christie said on “The Brian Kilmeade Show” Tuesday. “You’re the governor of the state. President of the United States comes and you’re asking the President of the United States or the Congress for significant aid, which Ron DeSantis is doing, and especially if you voted against it 10 years ago for Sandy aid, you should have been there with the president to welcome it.” 

Christie also attacked DeSantis over Florida’s spending, arguing his record in New Jersey, a blue state, was superior.

“Our spending in New Jersey went up an average of 2% a year, for all eight years that I was there,” Christie said. “Just a little over 16% in eight years. You compare that to Florida, for instance, in the last five years spending has gone up 30%.”

The attacks come as Christie is registering in the single digits in GOP primary polls, while DeSantis consistently holds a double-digit second place far behind former President Trump, who is the overwhelming front-runner. 

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Fox News’ Madeline Coggins and Timothy H.J. Nerozzi contributed to this report.

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