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Beijing-backed green energy firm is expanding in US, posing serious national security risk: report

The Chinese government is leveraging green energy companies in an effort to create technological dependencies and “achieve strategic, political, and intelligence advantages” over the U.S., according to a sprawling new report.

The report — published Monday by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a nonpartisan national security research institute — focuses particularly on the rapid ascent of Fujian, China-based electric vehicle (EV) battery maker Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL). With the support of China’s government, CATL dominates the global EV battery industry and has gained a substantial foothold in the U.S. market.

“CATL’s reach, which has grown through its strategic acquisitions and partnerships with Western automakers and utility companies, amplifies these fears. These connections serve as potential access points for intelligence collection, cyber espionage, and sabotage,” the report states.

“By compromising internet-connected public charging infrastructure, CATL could install malware on EVs, consequently allowing for the extended monitoring of countless vehicles and gathering sensitive information about their owners,” it continues. “Furthermore, the company could execute a shut-down of EV charging networks or even disable targeted vehicles through hardware infiltration.”

“At every step along the way, the Chinese Communist Party took care of this Chinese national champion to ensure it had the resources and the subsidies to build out its global footprint with the goal, explicitly, according to the 13th and 14th Five-Year Plan, to establish competitive advantages over the United States,” Singleton told Fox News Digital. 

“I think it’s the clearest example in recent memory of the Chinese directly intervening through industrial policy to shape a cutting-edge technology and quickly scaling that technology such that it has become the market champion. And none of that could have happened without direct support and intervention from the Chinese Communist Party.”

Thomas Catenacci is a politics writer for Fox News Digital.


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