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Barack Obama dives into next week’s crucial elections in Virginia, a key 2024 bellwether

RICHMOND, VA – With just a handful of days to go until crucial legislative elections in Virginia that are grabbing plenty of national attention, former President Barack Obama is putting his star power to use in urging Democrats to head to the polls.

A pair of robocalls recorded by Obama will be sent to over 100,000 households in roughly 20 key legislative districts in Virginia between now and Election Day on Tuesday.

It’s the first time the former president has waded into the closely watched elections in Virginia, where Republicans aim to hold their narrow majority in the state House and recapture control of the state Senate, where Democrats currently hold a fragile majority. Total Republican control of the state government in Richmond would allow Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a rising star in the GOP, to push through a conservative agenda.

“The people we elect in the State Senate and House of Delegates will make decisions that affect your everyday life,” Obama emphasizes in the recorded calls.

The governor has been headlining rallies with Republican legislative candidates across Virginia, which are organized by his Spirit of Virginia PAC. The group has been sending out mailers and running ads encouraging early voting.

News of Obama’s recorded calls was first reported by Politico. 

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Paul Steinhauser is a politics reporter based in New Hampshire. 


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