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Backing Biden in 2024, this Democrat congressman sparks 2028 speculation

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Progressive Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna co-chaired Sen. Bernie Sanders‘ 2020 presidential campaign.

When it comes to 2024, Khanna says he’s 100% behind the effort to reelect President Biden.

“I do whatever the president tells me when it comes to 2024 and his team,” Khanna said during a Fox News Digital interview. “I’m a foot soldier when it comes to making sure he gets reelected.”

But that mission may pay dividends for Khanna in 2028, when 47-year-old politician from California may have national aspirations.

With the state on course to hold an unsanctioned Democrat contest, the president’s reelection campaign last week announced that Biden wouldn’t file to place his name on the New Hampshire ballot. On Monday, top Democrats in the state launched a write-in campaign for the president.

New Hampshire’s also a crucial battleground state in the general election, and Khanna warned in a Fox Digital interview earlier this year that Biden’s absence from the ballot “puts the general election in the state at risk.”

On Wednesday, Khanna said that “a lot of folks like me — I was a co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ campaign — are going to be working hard for him in New Hampshire to have him win a write-in campaign.”

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Paul Steinhauser is a politics reporter based in New Hampshire. 


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