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Anti-immigration populist party rebounds in Switzerland with 9-seat gain; progressives lose ground

Switzerland’s national elections over the weekend resulted in a major victory for the Swiss People’s Party, which ran on a hard-line anti-immigration platform as concerns about a growing population have increased in the European country.

Late Sunday’s final tally showed the party, known as SVP, gaining nine seats, bringing it to a 62-seat total in the parliament’s 200-member lower house where no party has an overall majority. At the same time, environmentally minded factions that campaigned heavily on climate change were the biggest losers as the Greens dropped five seats, bringing their total to 23, and the Liberal-Greens lost six seats and dropped to 10 overall. 

SVP, which rebounded from a disappointing result in 2019, campaigned on a platform of preventing the country’s population — currently at 8.7 million people — exceeding 10 million.

“We have problems with immigration, illegal immigrants, and problems with the security of energy supply,” said SVP leader Marco Chiesa. “We already have asylum chaos… A population of 10 million people in Switzerland is a topic we really have to solve.”


Swiss People's Party banners

Electoral posters that translate from German as “Too much is too much!,” left, and “Protecting the jobs of local workers now” advertise a right-wing Swiss People’s Party-backed initiative demanding that the government scrap the freedom of movement agreement with the EU within a year on Sept. 1, 2020. (FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

Still, Hermann did not think the election would have a major impact on Swiss politics, with big issues like pensions still settled via referendums.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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