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911 call reveals chaotic scene as Biden’s energy secretary hogged EV charger for photo-op

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm’s staff caused a chaotic scene while clogging electric vehicle (EV) chargers with a gas-powered car, according to a recording of a 911 call of the incident obtained by Fox News Digital.

During a four-day EV road trip from North Carolina to Tennessee in June, Energy Department staffers used a car with an internal combustion engine to block off an EV charger for Granholm outside a Walmart in Grovetown, Georgia. One family, angered that they were forced by a gas-powered vehicle to wait to use a charger, ultimately called the police to report the incident.

“I’m calling because I’m in the Grovetown Walmart at the charging station and there’s literally a non-electric car that is taking up a space and said they’re holding the space for somebody else,” the woman who made the 911 call told a police dispatcher in the recording obtained Tuesday by Fox News Digital. “And it’s holding up a whole bunch of people who need to charge their cars.”

“For over a decade, while our global competitors geared up for the clean energy transition, America lagged behind,” an Energy Department spokesperson told Fox News Digital in a statement. 

“Now, with President Biden’s historic Investing in America agenda we have over $7 billion to build out convenient and reliable EV charging infrastructure, a portion of which is already awarded to every state, D.C. and Puerto Rico,” they added. “The private sector is following suit with equally ambitious investments – growing our workforce and keeping money in the pockets of hardworking Americans.”

Fox News Digital’s Aubrie Spady and Jeffrey Clark contributed to this report.

Thomas Catenacci is a politics writer for Fox News Digital.


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