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Widespread student support of Hamas attacks exposes ‘moral bankruptcy’ of US higher education

As Hamas carried out unspeakable horror against Israeli civilians, out came a litany of student groups on campuses across the country proclaiming the terrorists as freedom fighters. Thirty-one Harvard student groups posted a now-infamous statement blaming Israel for the violence committed by Hamas. And that was only the beginning of the on-campus reaction.  

Pro-Palestinian students at the University of Wisconsin rallied, chanting, “Glory to our martyrs.” At a pro-Palestine event at the University of North Carolina, WRAL News reports “an Israeli professor was pushed down the stairs.”  

Posters appeared on Georgetown University’s campus advertising a vigil for the terrorists; the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) group at George Washington University held a similar event for the “martyrs” down the street.  

There are thoughtful and intelligent individuals on these campuses who do not share the beliefs of their anti-Semitic classmates and professors, but the fact that there are so many who quite comfortably rally in support of Hamas is cause for deep concern. One can only imagine the fear and sadness that Jewish students and faculty feel having to live and attempt to learn while surrounded by such hate.  

Shame on these pro-Hamas students and faculty for denying the horrors in front of their eyes. And shame on us if we pretend their hateful ignorance is a random occurrence rather than the predictable and terrifying outcome of illiberal progressivism in higher education.   


Angela Morabito is a visiting fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum and the spokesperson for the Defense of Freedom Institute.


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