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Why does US economically help nations that want to harm the West?

As the House gets back to business, among the top items for consideration on the new speaker’s agenda is the White House’s proposal for continued aid to Ukraine. The package put forth by the Biden administration calls for approximately $60 billion in new aid to Kyiv along with additional aid to Israel and U.S. border security provisions. 

Though support for Ukraine has thus far been a bipartisan effort, there is growing skepticism about continuing U.S. aid, with particular concern that Americans are once again footing the bill for Europe’s security. 

There is a growing and understandable belief in Congress that America cannot care more about European security than the Europeans do. Our allies in Europe must step up and fulfill their commitments to NATO and Ukraine.  

Xi Putin and Khamenei split

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (Per-Anders Pettersson/Getty Images | Contributor/Getty Images | Scott Peterson/Getty Images)

Lawmakers in Washington are also right to scrutinize where hard-earned American taxpayer dollars are spent and to ensure that the burden of assisting Ukraine is shared by our allies.

These efforts will not succeed if our allies do not take similar steps to contain our adversaries’ economies as they wage war on and threaten our democratic partners. Fairly sharing the burden with the U.S. of defending those nations under attack, especially Ukraine, is also necessary. 

The good news is that by standing together on these issues, the Free World can defeat and deter its adversaries.  The time to act in Washington and allied capitals is now.


Robert C. O’Brien was the 27th U.S. national security adviser from 2019-2021. 


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