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What parents and their children really need in education

For many of us, parenthood is one of our greatest privileges—to watch as our children grow, learn and become young adults capable of doing great things.

And, with this privilege comes one of our greatest responsibilities—to raise and educate them in a way that leads them, ultimately, to pursue truth, to act justly, and be excellent in whatever career or vocation they choose.

Education, we can all agree, is of the utmost importance in the trajectory of a child’s life. Parents rightly have the primary responsibility to teach their children well and to choose the best means of educating their children. Whatever form one’s education takes – whether through public, private, or home schools – our system should work in concert with parents to ensure children are properly educated.

Sadly, the pandemic revealed that far too many public schools seem more focused on perpetuating a particular worldview, even when those views run directly contrary to what a parent knows is best for their own child.

Parents need transparency. Transparency to know what’s being taught and why, giving parents the ability to fill in gaps—and correct mistakes.

This kind of reform has never been more needed than it is today. Already, many parents must make tremendous sacrifices to move into better school districts, to homeschool their children, or scrape together the means to afford a private school.

It’s time for Texas to take the lead and empower millions of parents to do what’s best for their child. Parents, not legislators or school boards, do indeed know best.

Philip J. Harold, Ph.D., is the Dean of the Constantin College of Liberal Arts at the University of Dallas and teaches in the Politics Department.


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