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What Gen Z wants to cancel most – the answer about my generation will surprise you

Gen Z gets a bad rap – and rightfully so.

Employers and professors alike know they have to walk on eggshells around coddled students or new hires who seem to be offended by something new every day – and are willing to report them to HR or put them on blast on social media for supposed transgressions.

It’s true that Gen Zers are often at the helm of cancel culture campaigns. But I come bearing good news: it’s a tyranny of the minority. We’re not nearly as awful as our squeakiest wheels might suggest.

cancel culture

Just 8% of Gen Zers born between 1997 and 2008 say they have a positive view of cancel culture, while a whopping 55% have a negative view.

I know that as a Zoomer myself – but also thanks to survey data that shows that Gen Z actually has the most negative view of cancel culture of any generation.

It’s time to extend some grace and embrace forgiveness so that more young people can grow into their authentic voices and authentic selves.

Courage is contagious. We can’t let the tyrants win.


Rikki Schlott is a New York Post columnist and co-author of “The Canceling of the American Mind” (2023) with Greg Lukianoff.


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