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Royals stand strong against Hamas, while BBC had to be shamed before calling group ‘terrorists’

As in America, the Middle East conflict sparks fierce debate and opposing viewpoints among citizens of our strongest ally, the U.K., creating deep division within British society. Indeed, in recent days, thousands of pro-Palestinian activists swarmed London to demonstrate support for the Palestinian cause.  

Amidst this ideological battle, the British monarchy has stepped forward with a clear and unambiguous stance, condemning the barbaric atrocities of Hamas against innocent Israelis. The values of fairness and humanity embraced by this position are foundational to Western societies, but they are currently under threat by terrorist organizations like Hamas. 

In times of chaos and crisis, the world turns to its leaders for wisdom, guidance and comfort. But, as a presidential republic, America lacks a respected apolitical voice of integrity provided in Britain by its monarchy. Our often-misguided celebrities and social influencers let us down in this regard, more often than not.  

In turbulent times, the world craves moral clarity and a restored sense of stability. Risking public scrutiny, King Charles III and his family have risen to the occasion to shine a light on what is right, just and compassionate. The horrors of the October 7 attack are stark reminders that, though we live in relative peace and security, evil is very much at work remotely. 

In a world filled with complexities and chaos, the British monarchy serves an important purpose in reminding citizens of all civilized nations of our fundamental values, and the necessity to defend them at all costs.  


Lee Cohen, a senior fellow of the Bow Group and the Bruges Group, was adviser on Great Britain to the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and founded the Congressional United Kingdom Caucus. 


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