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Republicans are at war over Ukraine and it could really hurt in 2024. Here’s the solution

The most divisive issue among Republicans today is what to do about Ukraine. It pits establishment Republican hawks against MAGA Republicans. It’s holding up a final budget agreement. GOP candidates spar over it in debates and hurl insults at each other. They all agree on what to do about the economy, what to do about the southern border, what to do about woke culture.  But they can’t agree on what to do about Ukraine. 

Conventional wisdom insists there are only two options with Ukraine– we’re either all in or all out. Either the U.S. spends tens of billions a year, indefinitely, to supply Ukraine’s military and keep their government afloat with no clear path to victory; or we cut off funding and leave Europeans to deal with the problem, knowing that Ukraine will likely fall to Russia. 

They’re both lousy, unacceptable options. It’s time to find a third option that will satisfy both sides of the divide. 

That’s what Reagan did in the 1980s with the Soviet Union.  The conventional wisdom of his day believed there were only two options in dealing with the Soviet Union – a forever Cold War, or capitulation. Reagan rejected both.  He said his policy was simple: We win, they lose. 

Then neither side “wins” the Ukraine War.  A negotiated agreement would give each side enough to live with, but not everything they want.  It might not be morally satisfying, given how bravely Ukrainians have fought, and how evil Putin has been.  But a negotiated agreement would set the stage Ukraine time to win the peace. 

As soon as a Republican candidate figures that out, he or she is well-placed to bring together both sides of the party’s divide. And will be very well-placed to defeat a Democrat whose main foreign policy platform is another forever war.


K.T. McFarland was President Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor. She is a board member of the American Conservative Union and author of the best-selling book, Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We the People.”


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