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Make sponsors of terrorism like Iran pay for their crimes — literally

Houses stormed on Shabbat, children murdered in their beds, breakfast still on the table. The world changed, yet again, on October 7, 2023, when Hamas terrorists invaded Israel to murder as many civilians as possible.  

Not only did Hamas commit unspeakable atrocities against Israelis, but against other foreigners who had the misfortune of being in the worst place at the worst time; Americans were murdered, and more are being held hostage in Gaza, a fate, perhaps worse than death. 

That the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world’s biggest state sponsor of terror, has a relationship with Hamas, a State Department designated Foreign Terror Organization since 1997, cannot be disputed. Hamas and Iran want to eliminate the Jewish state and its people. For Hamas and Iran, there is no solution which involves two states — there is only one, a final solution. Sound familiar? 

Justice for the bereft family members of terror victims is never swift or guaranteed. If Iran is eventually sued by surviving families of this attack, there will be motions, disputes over the densely written statutes, dispositive legal questions with which appellate courts will grapple, and the list goes on. Multi-figure judgments will not bring back what these families lost, but it at least gives them the chance to exact the only legal revenge they have.  

An undeniable pall has been cast over every day, especially on Shabbat, in America and abroad, with no true remedy for the families but time. But these nations who sponsor terror ought to pay as big a price as possible. 

Lexie Rigden is an attorney and practices criminal defense and family law. She frequently provides legal analysis on Fox News Channel. Follow her at Lexiethelawyer on Twitter and Instagram.


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